The Indian culture uses the name Raja to designate a king or a ruler of the high caste. The indoor and outdoor spas in this line give sensory experiences that satisfy both body and mind, making for a regal and unique feeling of well-being, every day.

The coral is a precious element of the sea, representing luxury within the water and enhancing its beauty. The same can be said of the spas in the Coral line, as they make you live these emotions in the privacy of your own home.

Ambient is the kind of music that evokes soft melodies and relaxing environments. This is the name chosen for the mobile structural cover, which revolutionizes the concept of pool and can make any environment unique.
Immersing yourself in a Egoè spa means indulging in the ritual of the "Self", for a moment of absolute peace and comfort designed for your well-being. The Ritual line is the ideal solution for those who want to live an experience that is unique in every detail.