Egoè stands next to art and culture with the Patavina Libertas Exhibition – April 14th 2014


The exhibition “Patavina Libertas – The graduation papyri of the University of Padua” – of which Egoè is a sponsor – was inaugurated in Padua. 130 papyri, specially selected from the nearly 20,000 present in the digital archive created for the event, will be on display at the Altinate San Gaetano cultural centre until July 27th. The exhibition will introduce this typical goliardic tradition of the University of Padua, starting from the 17 th century all the way to the present day. 

A new opportunity to illustrate both the history of Padua and of its University, but also a way of valuing our artistic heritage and the cultural events of our territory – where Egoè has a strong and well-established presence.

Thus a new bond is born, a bond between the company and the arts, one that promises to be long-lasting and that holds many more surprises.