Raja 100 is the ideal solution to be placed at the center of an exclusive environment dedicated to relaxation: of minimalistic design and impressive, as the water that falls externally from the sides is then collected in the base below. Like all Egoè products, it is made entirely of stainless steel. The outside can be covered with fine marble, stone, or mosaic, while on the inside you can choose various types of colored ceramics or mosaics that, when combined with the pleasant caresses of the hydro-massage and the multicolored light spectacle, will give you moments of unparalleled relaxation.

The model with the wall-mounted massaging waterfall is ideal for those who want to enjoy a truly exclusive spa.

  • Removable panels on four sides so as allow easy to access to the technical and instrument compartments
  • Perforated plate on stainless steel seating
  • Semi built-in floor structure for 30 centimeters, so as to facilitate spa entrance
  • Struttura semi incassabile a pavimento per 30 centimetri, che facilita l’entrata nella vasca
  • Overflow system with valves for automatic water level control, stainless steel control unit and compensation tank (optional coating with fine materials)
  • Filtration pump 0,75 kw for filtered water recirculation, interchangeable filter and felts up to 30 cubic meters / hour at 10 microns, ozone water disinfection
  • Blower pump 1hp/0.75kw for the 220x220 version, 2hp/1.5kw for the 320x220 version
  • High brightness light 7 color led rgb 4 W in stainless steel
  • Electric heater 3kw
  • Electronic control unit to manage the entire Spa system
  • Thermal acoustic insulation installed on the entire outer surface
  • 50 cm waterfall for cervical, complete with pump (optional)

Type: Stand-Alone
Seating capacity: 5
Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 105 cm
Use: Indoor / Outdoor
Self-suporting structure
Semi-built in and grounded for 30 cm

Standard finishes
Headrest: White / Black
in long lasting vinyl material
Internal coloration: white ceramic coating
with high strength epoxy base
Compensation/recovery tank coating:
Stainless steel 304/2mm
External panels coating: Stainless steel 304/1,5mm
Recovery tank tread: Lapitec Fossil Anthracite
Structure / chassis / thickness: Stainless steel 304/2mm
Tank insulation: Polyurethane foam
External panel insulation: Fonik-system

Internal tank: 170 x 170 x 90 cm
Tank capacity: 1600 liters
Compensation tank capacity (integrated): 600 liters
Net weight: 400kg
Weight at full load (occupants 80kg each)
excluding finishes: 2400kg

Automatic water replenishment
Plastic aromatherapy container ø 43mm with lid
3 stainless steel micro perforated blower plates 304
1 internal illumination light in stainless steel, 7 color led RGB ø 83mm 4W 230V/50Hz
Multifunctional tank control unit
Antifreeze function

blower pump for seats with die-cast metal filter
with silencer 0,75kw/1hp 96mc/h-100mbar
Circulating pump 0,75kw 8mq/h
Filtration system
Type: Interchangeable filter

Disinfection system
Type: Ozone
in series with circuiting pump

Power: 220-240 50Hz single-phase
Electric heater: 3kw
Maximum absorption: 4,5kw

Upper-edge control: digital LCD
display LCD 10”x3,5” 9 buttons




Touch Screen Display
Contour Led Rgb Illumination Kit (under the base)
Cup Holders / Stainless Steel Tray

Led Rgb Illumination Kit On Side Panels
Contour Led Rgb Illumination Kit (under the base)
Customizable Internal Shell Color
Panel coating

Contour Led Rgb Illumination Kit (under the base)
Waterfall + Pump

6 Air Water Massage Jets in stainless steel
1 Air Water Jet Pump
Thermal cover (waterproof material)

Touch Screen Display
4 Speaker Audio System With Bluetooth Ready Connection
Wi-Fi, Tablet or Smartphone Tank Control System

Touch Screen Display
Ph Dispenser and Disinfection Kit
Thermal cover (waterproof material)







02_Internal Coating in Mithos Mosaic

03_Internal Coating in Mask Mosaic

04_Internal Coating In Stone Or Marble

05_Led Rgb Illumination Kit On Side Panels
External Coating In Freedom Mosaic (Base Only)

06_ Led Rgb Illumination Kit On Side Panels
External Coating In Freedom Mosaic (Base + Waterfall)

07_ Led Rgb Illumination Kit On Side Panels
External Coating In Stone Rr Marble

08_External Coating in Teak (Base Only)

09_External Coating in Teak (Base + Waterfall)

10_Led Rgb Illumination Kit On Side Panels
External Coating In Technical Agglomerate

11_Led Rgb Illumination Kit On Side Panels
External Coating In Technical Agglomerate (Base + Waterfall)