Egoè developed Ambient 100, the automatic supporting mobile coverage to match the model Coral 100. A solution that allows you to enjoy the space of the tub when it is not in use. It reduces heat loss by 50% and reduces maintenance spa maintenance, which is kept cleaner for longer periods of time. The spa will also more secure when not in use. Ambient, on indoor spas, reduces moisture in the air by 80%, making environments healthier and more livable.

  • Completely self-supporting and walkable structure: it allows to recuperate the space occupied by the pool; it is possible to create a lounge area with loungers and pillows
  • Completely stainless steel structure: it ensures total corrosion resistance and long durability
  • Reduced energy consumption by 50%: because it is completely insulated, water temperature remains warm and heating expenses are reduced
  • 80% humidity reduction (for indoors pools): since the humidity created by the water is withheld, damage to the surroundings is avoided and dehumidification expenses are not necessary
  • 20% reduction in water consumption for water replenishment: through use of the cover there will be less evaporation - this will also allow for a 50% reduction of water maintenance and disinfection products
  • Installation on existing pools: with just a simple installation of the tracks on the flooring
  • Complete safety: when its closed it protects children and domestic animals from falling in
  • Cleaner water for longer periods of time: the cover and the protection given by the perimeter brushes avoid the need of continuous cleaning operations; this system also acts as a shield for sand if the installation is in the proximity of beaches
  • Quick installation: in just two days the cover is operational (on pre-installed tracks); the only requirement is an ordinary household power socket
  • Protection from hot temperatures: in areas with typically high temperatures the water remains cool, maintaining a soothing temperature for bathing

Type: Overlay
Dimensions: 260 x 260 x 12 cm
Use: Indoor / Outdoor
Self-supporting structure
Structure / chassis: Stainless steel 304
Insulation: Polyurethane foam

ELECTRIC SYSTEM (electric version)
Power: 12W
Back-up battery
Motor 12W
Battery Charger

CONTROL SYSTEM (electric version)
remote control manned function




Mycolour kit
External contour Led Rgb Illumination Kit

Coating kit-10:
External coating
in technical agglomerate (base only)