A slice of heaven on the Swiss valley for which a special design and helicopter transportation was required, due to issues of inaccessibility by land.

The land surrounding the home and delimited by a retaining wall was adequately prepared with the predisposition of compartments to accommodate a 230 x 230 cm tub and its electrical installations. Following the installation of the self-supporting stainless steel AISI 316 frame, by means of a helicopter, the electrically operated Ritual Ambient 270 x 270 cm cover, entirely made of steel and designed to be in line with the retaining wall, was positioned.

The internal coating of this square spa was customized with mosaics and internal seats with Air-Massage areas. The overflow system, on all four sides, consists of customized stainless steel AISI 316L microperforated grids. The technical wood coating of the cover and floor around the spa blends in with the surrounding environment, thus creating an even more impressive and elegant effect.