In a prestigious location, in a penthouse on the twelfth floor of a building, we installed a 600 x 300 Coral spa with an overflow system and armored glass on the front.
Moving the tub from the factory to the site required a special means of transportation and the help of a crane, which lifted the 1,224 kg spa 50 meters off the ground to position it between the loft and the roof of the scenic terrace.
The tub's frame is made of stainless steel AISI 316, with an internal Scotch-Brite finish, a 40° radius in the corners and travertine flooring. One of the four sides in made of extra clear tempered glass, with a dimension of 300 x 100 cm, a thickness of 6 centimeters and an overflow system to recreate the evocative effect of a waterfall along the wall.
Internally, the spa is illuminated by six stainless steel LED RGB lights and equipped with a seat that runs all along the shorter perimeter. It is supplied with the Air-Massage technology and four diffuser plates. Furthermore, it has a runner for the shutter and a highly technological bronze and steel pump, whose speed and power can be adjusted for counter-current swimming.