We installed a 1,000 x 400 cm stainless steel AISI 316 cover, electrically operated and with internal insulation, on an already existing 40 square meter pool surrounded by the green hills of the French countryside.

The customer needed to protect his pool and to cover it with a solution that could also embellish the garden. Ritual Ambient addressed this necessity, thanks to the polyurethane thermal insulation that maintains water at the right temperature while preventing it from evaporating on the hottest days; the protection brush, which runs along the lower perimeter, keeps leaves and grass from settling in the water. Furthermore, the technical wood cover confers a touch of elegance and the extreme solidity of the structure makes it possible to exploit the space, using it to place a table, a hammock or some lounge chairs.

The monoblock cover was placed on two automatic expansion rails, found on the shorter sides of the tub, and they are managed by means of a remote control. The steel structure, which can be dismantled on four sides to easily access all the technical parts, hosts an electric motor in order to confer extreme compactness and linearity to the entire installation.