Santosa 05 is the above the ground outdoor or indoor solution that confers a touch of style and all the wellbeing of an Egoè Spa to any environment. The wide range of coatings and the optional high-tech equipment available, turn Santosa into a small, comfortable and elegant jewel that can be enjoyed in your own home or in the charming atmosphere of a green garden.

Self-supporting structure in stainless steel AISI 316L fully TIG welded, reinforced with a tubular frame that can be disassembled into two sections: the technical part and the tub part only, so that it can fit into the smallest spaces

Removable panels on all four sides to allow easy access to the technical compartments and equipment

Microperforated plates, directly on the tub's frame to make the internal shapes look linear and clean; one at the bottom for suction and three to release the filtered water evenly over the entire surface of the tub

4 microperforated areas for the AIR-MASSAGE system, directly on the tub's frame to make the internal shapes look linear and clean, each with 49 micro-holes and located in the lower back and calf area

8 adjustable whirlpool jets (4 per seat) placed in the back area

Skimmer system

Water recirculation pump with prefilter from 0.52 kW/0.72 hp and a capacity of 12.7 square meters/hr

Sand filter equipped with a selector valve for cleaning from 400 mm and a capacity of 6 square meters/hr

Air pump to blow air on the microperforated areas from 0.40 kW/ 0.52 hp and a maximum capacity of 38 l/s

Double speed whirlpool pump for the 8 jets from 1.8 kw/0.38 kW – 2.4 hp/0.51 hp – 46.2 square meters/hr./18 square meters/hr

Elevated brightness RGB LED 7-Color and 4 W lights in stainless steel

3 kW electric heater

Electronic control unit to manage all the accessories

Touchscreen control panel on the edge of the tub

Thermal insulation for the frame

Radius of the inner corners 40° to facilitate the cleaning of the spa

Technical compartment completely sealed and directly connected to the drain in order to prevent leaks and flooding

Type: Stand-Alone
Seats: 2-3
Size: 239 x 200 x 115 cm
Use: Indoor / outdoor
Self-supporting structure

Internal finish: Brushed stainless steel
Finish side: Brushed stainless steel/
Extra tempered glass
External panel finish: Brushed stainless steel
Frame structure: Brushed stainless steel
Tub insulation: Polyurethane foam

Tub capacity: 1200 l
Weight when empty: 560 kg
Weight when full: 1760 kg

4 AIR-MASSAGE areas with 196 micro-holes
8 whirlpool jets
2 Headrests
2 internal stainless steel LED RGB 7-color lights ø 83mm
4 W 230 V/50 Hz
Multifunctional tub management control system
Frost protection system

1 0.70 kW/0.52 hp blower pump with a maximum capacity of 38 l/s
1 double speed 1.8 kW/0.38 kW – 2.4 hp/0.51 hp – 46.2 m3/hr./18 m3/hr whirlpool pump
1 0.52 kW/0.71 hp recirculation pump with a capacity of 12-7 m3/hr
1 3 kW electric heater  

Type: infinity
Filter: Glass crystals with a manual selector valve

Type: automatic PH / bromine pad

Supply: single phase 220-240 50 Hz / Three phase (on request)
Maximum absorption 5.8 kW

Control system on the upper edge: with touchscreen panel



EGO-PA 039 aged platinum
EGO-FA 1153 bleached oak
EGO-LE 1109 bronze leather
EGO-VM 305 stripped copper
EGO-ME 1175 blue green stripped
EGO-FA 1094 rovere black