Egoè distinguishes itself in the design and construction of swimming pools and luxurious spaces dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Among the strengths of the company is the uniqueness of its products, which are made entirely of stainless steel for toughness and durability.
Another unique feature is the infinity edge, something that is rarely seen in the residential sector.

Egoè follows the logic of flexibility by offering a highly customizable range of products that consist in four lines: Santosa, Coral, Ambient and Ritual. This last line is completely dedicated to customized solutions, giving maximum expression to the concept of "tailor-made" in the luxury spa market.

Attentive to detail, quality and aesthetics, the company offers spas that can fit into any space, made in the shape or form preferred by the customer. With the desire to fulfill any demand for elegance, charm and uniqueness, Egoé is able to complete each tub with the most sought after additions and accessories offered by technology and contemporary design.

These Spas are innovative, original, with such a strong personality as to distinguishing themselves from all the other products on the market.